Guatemala City House

Guatemala City House


In January, the second floor of the Guatemala City house was almost finished. There were a few things the contractor needed to finish, then the metal worker needed to put in doors, security bars, cupboards and closets. These were a work in process as I left mid-January. We hope it will be done by mid-march. Living in a place without external doors was challenging due to the cold at night. The common joke was “would you please shut the door”.  There are 5 bedrooms of various sizes, a large kitchen and living room, plus 2 bathrooms and a patio overlooking Guatemala City. The girls are very happy in these beautiful rooms. 

OOPS: No furniture! 


while studying hard for that job.

Dalia’s recent email: I want to tell you about my great experience in Alorica: On January 28, I had an interview by phone. I had to answer many questions. After I waited around 20 minutes and they called me again to tell me that I already had a JOB!!! I started on January 29 the Accent Training, I had to pass 5 English tests and I did it!!!…
I started this week the production training, Let me tell you that I am doing it right. Next Monday I will start taking calls with American People. I just want to say “” I am so happy””.

2018 Wonderful news! We hope to build two more apartments on the second floor, so future graduates have space to live. Finding an affordable Architect has been all but impossible. At a meeting with the San Carlos Architecture school, the program director was very pleased to have one of the students, backed by the supervising licensed architect take on our project. We have been trying to organize this for a year and are on the way now.

After amazingly useless and frustrating health department’s changing requirements, we have the permit in hand and construction started the end of July.  This will provide another 5 dormitories for future girls who don’t have family or other connections in the big and dangerous city.

In the future, the rents will continue to support part of the program for many years. 

The 2016 graduates were living in a rental house upwards of a 2 hour commute each way, depending on the traffic. They were working 6 days a week and had a future goal of attending university. Working and traveling so many hours made the dream of studying impossible.

In October, 2016, Pam started looking for a solution. Since sending 18 year old girls from small villages and our protected house in Coatepeque to fend for themselves in the big city, was not an option, and our girls generally did not have family members in the big city who could take them in, we needed a safe place closer to work where they could live in the future.

In December 2017, we purchased a residence within 20 minutes of 2 call centers and two Universities. The property has two separate apartments which can house a total of 14 girls. The neighborhood is gated and guarded and a few steps from the buses. We hope to be able to add to that in the future.

The objective is to provide safe, affordable housing for as long as they need it.