Spirit Education Foundation


Our mission is to prepare an applicant for the changing job market. We support education  for future high demand jobs. We work to provide the necessary skills through advanced education and possible work experience (depending on program type and location). 

Ready for the first day 2021!

  • At the least, this will be an intensive English and math program. Our expectation is that most call center jobs will be eliminated, therefore we are also offering alternative opportunities. English and math skills are necessary for admission to San Carlos and American Colleges and Universities. 
  • We are also offering an advanced scholarship as a post diversificada further education. There are two options: 
    • a Guatemalan 5 year University degree that is resistant to artificial intelligence (AI) risk, or 
    • a 2-3 year USA Associate degree specific high demand skill training with experience.


Women Do Not Have Value

Because women in Guatemala are not valued, they do not have the opportunity of advanced opportunity. It is amazing that our applicants have been able to graduate from High School. This means they, or their families, have made huge sacrifices to pay for expensive High School. Spirit Education Foundation is committed to helping the least of these, the young women, the ones that, through no choice of their own, are victims of poverty.

Spirit Education Foundation, a non-profit organization, is committed to changing the lives of Guatemalan girls, by providing English scholarships, materials, equipment, and support, so they can grow and develop in a supportive environment.

At home, at school, at play and at work, Spirit girls are making a positive difference by contributing to society, being role models, and providing positive alternatives in their world. We cannot change the entire world, but we can change the entire world of one girl. Then, she will be able to change future generations, her family, neighbors and work place.

Education in Guatemala

Times have changed in Guatemala, as families now realize education is important, but High School is not enough. Their challenge is that additional education is not usually economically possible. The types of jobs available today require spoken English. But most private academies push written, not oral English. Families with middle income can’t get the type and quality of English needed, and it is out of the realm of possibility for poorer families. 

Educ poster

A poster in the Coatepeque hospital in 2002, showed only 12% of the population had some education beyond primary school. In twenty years, this has changed a little. More students are going to high school, but quality is often too low or grades are too low to find a job. About six years ago, pre covid, the high school principal in our area said only those with an 85% GPA would find jobs. Now the current criteria is a high GPA, English and experience. 

Many young women are committed to improving their lives and are dedicated to completing their education. However, the constant wall they hit is the lack of resources and the monthly struggle for their family to meet basic needs: food water and shelter.