Advanced ESL


The girls have until August to refine their English. At that time, the have their “practice” in which they work Monday through Friday at some local business. Hopefully, they will be able to continue with their English in the evenings or week-ends.

Generally, the goals are the same as listed in the intermediate section. They need faster responses, better sentence structure and grammar and fluidity. So, practice conversations using the resources as guides.


  • LESSON PLANS – Advanced

Advanced Lesson Plans 2018 LAST

NORTHSTAR Advanced  


Many of the sections should be done by your girl while in their classes or as homework, not using your precious time together.

For lessons that have been transcribed, there is color coding. These sections are marked in RED. GREEN are sections you might choose to use as a conversation starter. BLUE topics are generally discussion of analysis and problem solving sections. It would be most helpful if you would participate in these parts. Ask questions or listen to her solutions before giving your opinions, please.

Focus on the Topic

  • Predicting topic from series of pictures: promote thinking and analyzing- should be done the week before starting on this lesson
  • Sharing Information: having opinions and problem solving
  • Preparing to listen: using information given
  • Vocabulary for comprehension

Focus on Listening

  • Listening One

Listen for main ideas

Listening for details and answering questions

Reacting to listening and discussion

  • Second listening section

Focus on Vocabulary

  • Use the new words in sentences

Focus on Speaking

  • Pronunciation: stress
  • Small talk
  • Grammar: some topic


Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5