_English Volunteers

English Volunteers

Spirit’s English Program relies on native English volunteer speakers – one hour most weeks.

The cost free to you by using Skype. PLEASE NOTE, YOU MUST HAVE BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS. Communication requires being able to cut and paste a web address in your browser. This is fairly simple and we would be glad to help you.

The girls are working hard for an English speaking job in call centers in Guatemala City. They will double to quadruple their income potential. To do this, they need correct American English pronunciation and lots of practice listening to, and speaking English.

English volunteers work with one girl to help her gain basic conversational skills, good pronunciation and fluidity. While volunteers have other obligations in their lives, we ask for one hour most weeks. A little Spanish is helpful for the first few months, but NOT necessary. We can match you with an advanced student who doesn’t need that initial help any longer.

Our English Angels are very important people to these girls. The girls get a little frantic when a power outage prevents their time with you. They so want to please you and learn from you.

Your gift if time has the following benefits:

Correct pronunciation, not available by any teacher in the region.
Give your girl encouragement and the tools to make a better life.
Show her she has value by your commitment to her.
Know you are an important person in her life.

Resources available for your use:

Summaries of our resources available.
Transcripts of books they will be using in each level.
Lesson plans – suggestions.
For more information email info1@spiriteduc.org.

What a successful outcome looks like:

This student knew no English when she started at Spirit Education. Now she speaks fluently, and is employed, as this message from her demonstrates.

“… Hope you are doing fine. I’m doing well here in Guatemala City. I’m also doing well at my job. I have been learning many things both for work and for life. I am grateful to the foundation with you and to the people who helped me too, because if I had not had the opportunity to learn English, I would not have been here working, saving money and helping my family. My family is proud of me. They are happy to see me saving money, helping them and helping my brother with his studies too.
Let me tell you that I talked to my father at the beginning of the year about my brother’s studies. He did not want him to study because they were not going to afford the school expenses. However, I told them that I was going to help my brother with the expenses.
My brother and I reached an agreement with his studies, so now he is studying and I am helping him and he is very happy. I am happy to help do something for him.
I hope the Coatepeque girls are very well. We are looking forward to having them here in Guatemala City.”