Girls Waiting for a Sponsor

4 new girls were accepted for a scholarship this June. They will need a sponsor in order to start their school year next January. Sponsors can choose which girl they want to help for the next three years. Your help will feed and educate a girl in need, who otherwise won’t even be attending school because of extreme poverty.
In this page you can read a summary of what they wrote on their applications as well as the impression from the interviewer.
The cost of the tuition this year is $1100 USD. That amount will cover admission fees, books, uniforms, tests, food and transportation for 1 year. Payment can be split into two installments in November and May.
We enormously appreciate your kind help.


Saidy Andrea
Age: 16
Wants to be a Bookkeeper.
Her father (Jorge), a farmer who did not finish elementary school, brings home about 800 GTQ a month (USD $109). Her mother (Berta) is a housewife and, just like Jorge, did not finish elementary school.
Saidy also lives with 3 other siblings, ages 1 through 8.
She would like this opportunity so she can improve her life, have a future with dignity, and help her father who doesn't have a steady job and fights every day to provide for the family.
She has thought about having her own company in the future. Learning English would be a great opportunity.
She sees herself as a very responsable person, hard worker, friendly and organized. Saidy made a promise to herself to have good grades and not disappoint her parents, who make an extraordinary effort so she and her siblings can continue school.
Saidy seemed attentive throughout the presentation, shy at times.
Her school GPA is 90.


Lucrecia Amarilis
Age: 18
She wants to be a Bookkeeper. She lives with her parents and a 3-year-old sister.
Her father (Luis) only has an elementary school education and is now a farmer, bringing home about 600 Guatemalan Quetzales a month. Her mother did not finish elementary school, works selling cosmetics and earns about 300 GTQ a month. (USD $123).
Lucrecia says that her parents cannot afford to pay for her school and that is the reason why she would like to study English and aspire to a job that can sustain her and her family.
She sees herself as a friendly, happy person. She likes playing football, reading and going to church. During the interview she seemed bright and very interested.
Her school GPA is 84.5.

Send us an email with the girl of your choosing, to Include your full  name and address as well as why you would like to sponsor the chosen girl.
We immensely appreciate your kindness.

This page was last updated on: 7/22/2017