Girls Waiting for a Sponsor


We are still accepting Applicants, so please check back.

Applicants for 2020 are currently a work in process. The girls will be posted as their applications are complete enough, although nothing is firm until we receive their year end grades for 2019 in October.

We have changed the recruitment process, also a work in process. We are now working with a wider group of school directors and teachers. Our hope is they know their students better. So far, I am impressed with several of the applicants sent to us. There is still the risk of directors who have little interest beyond their paycheck, but other are serious about their students. I hope to build on this.   

In January, I decided to make a more direct approach and cast the net wider. We had contacted all regional schools over the years and the women’s services in the Coatepeque municipality. We no longer deal with FundAP, which was a disaster for us. In January, I visited the Department of Education, applied for a list of school and was granted that list of some 3921 schools in April. After emails (no response) and phone calls after my arrival (several responses), we are receiving more and better qualified applicants. In fact, one school representative was limiting the number available for another to protect the interest of her applicants. Another regional director made the 2 hour trip to investigate our program. While he does not have applicants this year due to minimum grade requirements, he intends to motivate future classes regarding the opportunity.

So, please review the following girls to see if one touched your heart. Remember, these are young girls; teenagers. Teens without experience, validation in many cases and little knowledge of the wider world. Our goal with your help is to shove them over a cultural distance of some 100 years into the 21st. century. It is not easy for them, but can be done. 

The cost of the scholarships vary, depending on several factors: how much of the food, the family can afford, are they at the house 5 or 7 days a week (local or long distances) and transportation costs.