Covid has changed the world in Guatemala enormously! The lock down is complete; no buses or micro buses, roadblocks to keep Guatemalans from traveling from one part of the country to another by car and changing curfews with heavy fines from a month’s salary for the poor on up. There is no hiring, except for English speaking call centers. Schools have cobbled together reams of homework papers, including how to do computer software programs from pictures on papers. So far, there is no talk of reopening schools.

If the Covid virus can be under control the end of 2022 for Guatemalans, (later than wealthier countries, it will be 2023 before signs of economic restarting will be felt. I believe jobs will be scarce and job applicants numerous.

Therefore, it is more important to make some changes. Good grades in High School will not be enough to get a job for many years. English speaking jobs require a High School diploma, but English must be at a very high level. To that end, we will be offering an English only component to the program for the following reasons:

  1. There are companies hiring English speakers/
  2. Parents may not allow their girls out of their homes until Covid is controlled.
  3. The school system is in total chaos.
  4. Our test case of offering this to a High School graduate has had a couple of benefits: she is very serious about learning English and has, by her actions, demanded only English when other in the house speak with her. Other in the house have greatly increased their effort in English.